Internet Marketing

Make 2018 Your Company’s Best Year Yet

While we all have personal resolutions to set and pursue throughout the coming year, it’s important to do the same for our businesses. So how do you put your company on a course for more growth throughout 2018? The right consulting can take you miles ahead of the rest!

Social Media

Today’s web technologies are more accessible than they’ve ever been. As a result, certain digital marketing endeavours may seem as though they can be successfully undertaken by anyone. Setting up social media profiles for your business is about as easy as it gets, but making them work for your business to bring in new leads and create greater legitimacy and respectability for your brand is a different story. It requires time, hard work, and a wide spectrum of marketing savvy that takes years to attain. If you tap into the knowledge that marketing professionals have accrued throughout the history of social media’s evolution, your strategy will really come into its own.

Getting Conversions

Even if you can bring in new leads, turning those leads into clients is a challenging journey in and of itself. Successful digital marketing requires that you get into the minds of those in your audience, understanding what will tip them towards a conversion and what will push them away. It also demands that you have the technical know-how to build experiences that apply this understanding in a practical and measurable way. If you want to know what your site and overall marketing strategy needs to become a mean, lean conversion machine, proper consulting can shed light on all the essentials.

A Fresh Perspective

It’s easy to break digital marketing down into terms a simple as lead generation and conversion, but anyone who runs a business knows that growing a larger and more loyal client base is about a lot more than that. This is why high-quality consulting needs to take as wide an array of marketing factors into account as possible. Not only this, but it needs to bring something new and competitive to the table, otherwise you’ll just be running in circles and falling behind the more forward-thinking competition. Whether it’s one-on-one consulting or a seminar given to your entire team, a good consultant will change the way you think about your business and what it’s capable of!

Is your business prepared for the coming year? These aren’t the only factors to bear in mind. From marketing automation to advertising and beyond, CAYK has the experience to help you succeed. Call us at (403) 456-0072 to experience truly first-class marketing consulting today!

Online Marketing

Starting the Year with Inbound Marketing Automation

Digital marketing can take your business on many exciting journeys, and each journey will yield the best results when you put your best foot forward from the start. What better way to start 2018 than with a technology as sophisticated and dynamic as marketing automation?

Why It Will Jump-Start Your Year

It’s often wise for a business to begin the year with an assessment of and upgrade to their website. First and foremost, you need to convert leads as consistently as possible, a goal which has new and challenging strategic requirements with every passing year. There are few tools and techniques out there in the world of digital marketing that can help you convert your visitors better than marketing automation. It’s not enough to just make your landing pages look good with flashy design and clever copy. You need to take things to another level, addressing each visitor with directness and maximum relevance.

The Inbound Way

While marketing automation is great for gathering information on your leads and allowing a more relevant experience to grow from it, it can’t do as much on its own. As usual, if you only see half the picture, you’ll probably end up falling short on your goals. Every technology needs a complement that can enhance its strengths and balance out its weaknesses. This is why taking an inbound approach to marketing automation is something that all modern businesses should seriously consider. If you don’t attract those visitors with good keyword strategy, enticing content, and smart use of social media, your automation technique simply won’t have any leads to convert.

Where to Begin?

Once you know the ingredients that will lead to a higher flow of visitors and a more reliable rate of conversion, everything becomes a question of how to combine and execute those ingredients in the right way. As is often the case, inbound marketing automation takes time and effort to show the results you need. With the right help, all of the technical ins and outs will be taken care of for you so that you can focus on running your business. This is the value of an experienced marketing team. The one you choose should prioritize communication, honesty, and diligence above all else. This is what is needed in order to get those visitors to the pages that will make them your clients!

If you want your business to speak to its audience in a more direct and adaptable way, CAYK has everything you need to make it happen. For a comprehensive, holistic marketing solution that truly delivers results, give us a call at (403) 456-0072 and put your best foot forward today!