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Marketing Strategy Showdown: SEO or PPC?

A holistic approach to marketing means applying a well-organized, comprehensive set of tools to attain your goals, but sometimes a decision needs to be made that will prioritize one method over another. For instance, in a friendly match between SEO and PPC, who would win?

Round One

Let’s say you want to bring in more traffic to your website, and you want it to be of high quality. You want those visitors to not only come back, but also to feel that you are the best possible choice for them. How do you make it happen? Good SEO practices, such as properly written URLs, page names, anchor text, and excellent shareable content can be powerful allies here. That being said, they take time to kick in, and although SEO can work wonders for the right goals, it’s prone to struggle if it has to do all the work.

Round Two

Imagine that you’ve found your organic search visibility too temperamental to be relied upon entirely for the growth of your business. You want visibility that will be measurable and immediate, and you want it to bring you that precious traffic we mentioned earlier. Better yet, that traffic should be directed to particular places on your website. Last but not least, you want to be able to consult the numbers and adjust your plan as it moves along. PPC wins this round! With smart bidding and strategic skill, a strong set of AdWords campaigns can lock down all of the above.


What if you select a sole winner and devote as much time and energy to it as you can? You may have chosen to invest in a heavy content plan and a rigorous overhaul of your on-page SEO factors. Or, you may have put a bulk of funds into a number of AdWords campaigns, hoping that most of them will deliver. In either of these scenarios, you’ve unfortunately lost. SEO and PPC are two of the best tools in modern marketing, but they don’t fulfill their potential unless they’re used in tandem, complementing one another to comprise a formidable holistic strategy!

What marketing methods would you prioritize for the needs and aspirations of your business? The team at CAYK is here to help you apply the tools in a way that gives you the most effective results possible. Get in touch with us at (403) 457-0072 to find out what we can do for you!

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Have You Heard of Budgies.Online?

Marketing your business is all about communication. If we don’t acknowledge this, we risk forgetting that everything from phone calls to email and live chat should be approached with smart marketing techniques in mind. This is where Budgies.Online comes in!

The Importance of Communication

Whether it’s a blog post, a paid advertisement, or an email in a weekly campaign, the core message you should strive to deliver to your audience is simple: you do what you do better than your competitors, and you’re dedicated to providing the best experience possible. Naturally, just saying these words in a mailout won’t really cut it. You have to communicate it in other ways. Any time someone contacts or is contacted by your company, it’s an opportunity to facilitate an experience that conveys this core message simply through how skillfully the interaction is conducted. If you want the best results, this requires a team of specialized operators.

What is Budgies.Online?

Luckily for you and your business, a locally-based team of experienced and well-trained phone and chat operators is a more accessible resource than you might think. Many businesses don’t have the means to maintain a big enough on-site staff to keep up with the demands of constant communication with potential and established clients. We started Budgies.Online to bring the power of inbound call and live chat management to the small and medium businesses who deserve them. The Budgies.Online team is dedicated to giving your Calgary-based business a Calgary-based solution for boosting conversions, maintaining loyalty, and enhancing your reputation as a respectable company.

The Right Tools in the Right Hands

As an expert in your field, you know that you’re the best person to run your business because you know how to get the job done right. You’re experienced with the tools, and you’re skilled in delegating to a well-trained, trustworthy staff. This principle also applies when you want to expand your company’s ability to receive and manage high levels of incoming communication. Whether it’s setting appointments or informing callers about specific aspects of what you do, the operators at Budgies.Online have the tools, and they know how to use them!

CAYK is devoted to empowering Calgary business owners with the best of today’s digital marketing tools, but it doesn’t stop at things like AdWords and SEO. Sometimes, the difference between a lost lead and a new client is one conversation. Call (403) 457-0072 to learn more!