Online Marketing

Your Social Strategy Needs You!

A good social media strategy is all about engagement. This doesn’t just mean encouraging engagement from your audience, it means that your company needs to be actively engaged in the strategy itself. We can take care of those daily tweets, but your presence is essential too!

Our Role and Yours

Everything about your marketing plan is a collaborative effort. There are plenty of more technical responsibilities that we’ll have covered, but in a number of cases, any marketing strategy needs a personal touch in order to truly represent the business and its brand. That personal touch can only come from you and your staff. Our job is to keep day-to-day maintenance in order and ensure that you’re part of the conversation, but the real beauty of a social strategy lies in the opportunity it gives you and your employees to express yourselves!

Why Is It Important?

It’s certainly possible to run a business with a few social media accounts that are operated completely by your marketing team and consist of a few basic posts a week. This, however, will introduce a number of problems. For one, the variety and substance of your posts will suffer, offering followers little that stands out from the rest. Even more importantly, your profiles will convey a sense that presence and communication aren’t particularly important to you. Any audience can tell when you’re detached from your online community, and once they do, they’ll be far more likely to go to a company that they know will be there for them.

Great Ways to Engage

Social media can really bring out the fun and creativity of any team. It also provides a level of transparency to your company that allows others to see what a great job you do. Sharing a selfie of you and a happy client with your followers can really elevate the way you’re perceived as a business, especially when combined with positive reviews. Your staff also play an important role. Share photos during a staff birthday, or even a photo of your team in your newly decorated office during a holiday. Your company has character, and so should your social profiles!

How engaged are you in your company’s social media interactions? You’ve got plenty of responsibilities, but maintaining a balanced level of engagement is something we at CAYK help Calgary businesses with every day. Call (403) 456-0072 to see how we can help you!


Why won’t you help me fix my ______ ? (email software, PC, networking issues etc.)

Do you remember hearing Dr. Leonard McCoy on Star-Trek exclaim, “dammit James, I’m a Doctor…”? Well, we are not experts in information technology. As web marketers, we absolutely are experts at hosting websites and email services but we cannot fix a local computer and networking related issues.

In the good old days when most people used the same email software and there were hardly any smartphones, we did help clients, if we could, with their email setup. Now, with the advent of a multitude of software as a service, at least three smartphone operating systems and both Mac’s and PC’s… we have to concede… we are, unfortunately, not an IT company. (Our team is trained specifically in online marketing and website development, not email support.) 

We limit our support of email services to ensuring that our own mail servers are running and that our servers are sending and receiving the email for the hundreds of accounts that are hosted.

Why We Refer Clients to a Professional IT Company 

When a client is struggling with sending or receiving email we will refer them to their own Information Technology department or to our trusted IT professional partners. Once we have identified that our email servers are working properly and ensure that our clients can access email via a webmail interface, support tickets have to be escalated to an IT professional who can diagnose and fix issues with your local computer or network.

What You Can Expect

With your permission, we will refer your case to a trusted partner. You can expect that a representative from their company will follow up with you. They will advise you of any fees for service that you should expect. Once you approve the related fees they will attempt to diagnose & fix your issue via a remote connection to your computers. If necessary, they will dispatch a technician to your workplace to further investigate and fix your issues.

Website Development

Why do I have to pay for support?

If your website needs repairs and maintenance, a fee may be assessed by our help desk when you open a support ticket. After your website exceeds its warranty period, (typically 90 days from site live) fees for support will apply unless your company has a service agreement or a support plan in place.


But you built the site… why do I have to pay you to fix it?

Just like buying a car, when you buy a website it is your property. When your car is no longer under warranty you will have to pay for repairs. From day one of vehicle ownership, you will likely have to pay for tires, oil changes and service and maintenance. The same scenario applies to website ownership.


But seriously… you built it, now fix it.

We have always provided support and maintenance to our clients (for over 20 years actually). The only way we can remain in business and be available to serve your company is to charge a reasonable amount for service.


I pay for my website hosting and email services through you guys… so please just fix my website.

Hosting and email services are not related to the maintenance and repairs of your website. Hosting fees cover the cost of keeping your website’s computing environment live on the internet and for running the mail server itself so that you can use your email. Website maintenance is unrelated to hosting and email services.


My website was working fine for ___ years and now it is not. This is your issue and I insist that you fix it.

We refer to this as an outside influence and as website developers and website hosts we cannot be held responsible for outside influences. Outside influences are, for example, when a servers operation system is updated and it deprecates code used in your website. Most people have experienced outside influences with their own computers in the past. Do you remember when Microsoft would do a big update to an operating system and then other software on your computer stopped working? The same thing can happen on a web server when a big update occurs and can impact how a website works – even to the point of breaking it.

Sometimes websites get “hacked” by cybercriminals. This is also an outside influence that is beyond the control of a website developer or host.


We Hope that this helps 

Please feel free to open a support ticket by calling us at 403-456-0072.

Online Marketing

Content Matters: Your Clients Are Reading Your Website

Your marketing plan can’t live up to its potential unless you have great visibility in organic search results. Without high-quality content, this will only be a pipe dream. So what does “high quality” mean exactly? For one thing, it needs to be accessible not just to you, but to your clients!

Walking in Their Shoes

You know a thing or two about what you do. From your perspective, all the basic information surrounding your profession is pretty intuitive. So let’s say you start writing a blog to fill your company website with content that will boost your traffic, organic search ranking, and notoriety. The last thing you want is for someone to visit your blog hoping to learn about your products or services only to be confronted with insider jargon. If you don’t start from the ground up in terms of what topics you delve into, you’ll lose your leads quick. This is why ensuring that your content is accessible to the layperson is so critical.

The Value of a Professional Writer

There are many aspects of your marketing plan that you can (and should) be directly involved in. However, not only are you probably too busy to write all that copy yourself, there is a need for a certain tone and style designed for a more universal audience. This is where the value of a professional content writer lies. When you partner up with a marketing team to put together a digital marketing solution, part of that solution is combining the knowledge you have about your business with the skills of a writer who can translate that into valuable, approachable content for potential and established clients alike.

A Collaborative Process

What is the nature of the collaborative dynamic between you and the writers you’ve entrusted with your content? Instead of writing the web copy yourself, work closely to ensure that your writers know the key pieces of information that you want your leads and clients to grab ahold of. If you’ve chosen the right Calgary marketing agency, they’ll be able to use that information to build a picture of what you do, one that is accurate and detailed while also being helpful to someone who hasn’t worked in your industry!

Is the content on your company’s website accessible to your audience? Creating excellent content with a universal touch isn’t always easy, but it’s one of many marketing tasks that the CAYK team can help make easier. Call us at (403) 456-0072 today for more information!