Search Engine Optimization

Why is Blogging So Important for SEO?

You can probably tell that we love our blog. This might lead you to wonder why we see it as such an indispensible tool. Even if you have a general idea of how high-quality content can help your search ranking, there are a few reasons that you may not be aware of.

The Keyword Misconception

Remember in our previous blog when we mentioned that packing keywords into your content doesn’t fly? It may have worked once upon a time, but it’s in Google’s best interest to provide users with genuine answers to their queries. As such, they’ve adapted their algorithms over time to reward the use of relevant long-tail key terms and phrases. Why? Because if the ideas in the blog are actually valuable, the user has found the site they truly need.

The Importance of New Information

This point is rather intuitive but often overlooked. Producing a steady stream of fresh information is highly advisable for a number of reasons. Firstly, search engines tend to prioritize pages that have recently posted content relevant to the query. Secondly, if your blog remains dynamic and alive, your site as a whole will gain a reputation as a reliable and relevant source of information on your subjects. That means your visitors will be more likely to share and link back to you, improving your SEO even further. Of course, other users don’t need to be the only ones linking back to you. A stream of fresh content means an opportunity to link to your site with new social media posts and provide fuel for engagement.

Variety is the Spice of Life

When we say “content” what exactly do we mean? Your blog would hardly be a blog without written information, but is this all there is to it? Not even close! A blog will only amp up your SEO to its full potential if the forms of information you provide are as varied as possible. Want those posts to show up in Google image search results? You’ll need some images. How about video results? Likewise. This is one of the reasons why intuitive infographics are so popular. Get creative and fuse the utility of the written word with the attractiveness of visual media. This is what many high-ranking sites have in common!

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Featured Social Media

Increasing Facebook Likes

Do you want to increase the number of people who “LIKE” your business on Facebook? Consider these two relatively inexpensive ideas;

1) A live social counter mounted in your reception area that updates in real-time as your guests “LIKE” your Facebook Page (approx. cost $340 US).

2) Offer Free Wifi to your guests while they wait… but make it part of the sign in process to “Check-In” with Facebook.

Increasing your community on Facebook will give your business the reach it deserves with the people that matter the most… your customers!

What do you do in your business to encourage growth of your social communities?

Search Engine Optimization

Common Myths of SEO

What exactly SEO involves and how it is used has changed in many ways over the years. Therefore, it’s only natural that there are a number misconceptions about it. If you’re not careful, they can lead you astray, so here are a few that are particularly common and worth busting.

Keywords Are the Center of the SEO Universe

As Google and the nature of content have both evolved since the late ‘90s, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your content needs to be of the utmost quality and utility, reading not like a pile of keywords to be crawled by Google, but an intelligent assemblage of ideas and valuable information.

It’s a Purely Technical Task

It may seem that formulating your site for optimal search ranking falls entirely under the territory of a tech person. The truth is, however, that SEO isn’t just about the data or the analytics. You’d be surprised how intuitive, engaging, and enjoyable it can be to work in close collaboration with your marketing expert to shape the online image and visibility of your company.

It’s a One-Shot Procedure

It’s not uncommon to encounter businesses who assume that the act of optimization begins and ends. It’s not like building a site or designing a logo. It’s an ongoing process that shifts and evolves as moves forward. It also takes time! Think of it as watering a plant. Even after your plant finally grows, it won’t stay alive without the attention and care that it needs!

Good AdWords Leads to Good SEO

Some believe it’s an intuitive leap to assume that a well-conducted PPC campaign will improve organic search rankings. This is a pretty big error. Both technically and strategically, your investment of money into advertising and time into SEO are very separate processes. They carry their own significance, benefits, and set of results.

It’s All About #1

Being determined to rank #1 for the most popular search term in your industry will both consume too much of your time and, most likely, detract from your overall search performance. Ranking highly for a large number of long-tail search terms which refer to more specific pieces of information in your content will be much more helpful to your visitors and more beneficial to your ranking.

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