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The One Internet Marketing Resolution You Need to Make in 2015

Want to significantly boost the results you see from your Internet marketing efforts in 2015? Tired of spending lots of money on a website but feeling like you aren’t getting enough in return?

Either way, there is an easy way to fix the problem. Your 2015 New Year’s resolution should be simple: to make the switch to responsive Internet marketing.

If you’ve been a regular reader of our blog (and we recommend it, because we post lots of informative articles you can use to grow your business), you’ll already be familiar with the concept. If not, the idea’s pretty simple: Responsive Internet marketing is a system where you don’t just pay for a package of services like ads or blog posts. Instead, you work with your creative team to find the right solutions for your business one month or quarter at a time.

By being more flexible, and focusing on the results you need instead of the specific activities you use, you get a couple of important Internet marketing advantages over your competitors:

You get better Internet marketing with the same budget. Usually, when we meet with a new client, we find that they’ve been paying for Internet marketing activities that haven’t been effective, or that they no longer need, for quite a while. Responsive marketing plans take the waste out of your budget.

Your Internet marketing plan adapts to your needs. No business is the same year after year. Goals and products change, as do competitors and economic factors. Why not change your Internet marketing plan along with them, especially when the best ideas around search engine optimization and social media are always changing?

In other words, responsive Internet marketing just makes sense. It’s the best way to get more from your budget and to put the focus on results.

Talk to our creative team about responsive Internet marketing today and see how we can develop a custom plan around your business and website.

Internet Marketing

A Holiday Season Internet Marketing Guide For Non-E-commerce Websites

When it comes to the holiday season – at least from an Internet marketing perspective – e-commerce sites and online retailers get all the attention. That makes sense, given that most of them make the majority of their annual profit during the few weeks between mid-October and the end of December, but what about everyone else?

Just because Cyber Monday isn’t a big deal in your business doesn’t mean you should ignore Internet marketing during the holidays, or that there aren’t some changes you can make to your business website. In fact, here are a few details you definitely shouldn’t overlook in December:

Updating your company’s schedule and hours. If you’re going to have limited availability during December, or close down your office or retail shop altogether, make sure your website and social profiles reflect that fact. Otherwise, you could disappoint customers and cause them to take their business elsewhere.

Adding notes about shipping or response times. The same goes for things like shipping times on new orders and customer service response and delays. Buyers will be a lot more forgiving if you let them know about any expected waits in advance, so give them early notice.

Preparing for any big January plans. Lots of businesses like to announce new programs and ideas at the start of a fresh calendar year. Why not give your most important customers a taste of what’s to come, or ask for their feedback to ensure you’re going to be on the right track?

Wishing your customers a happy holiday season. No matter what business you’re in, relationships are important. Why not send a quick holiday season’s greeting to your customers to let them know that you’re thinking about them and are grateful for their business?

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