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What Many New Clients Still Don’t Get About Agile Marketing

Here at CAYK®, our clients often think we have two different jobs: working to become the very best Internet marketing firm in Calgary and spreading the word about agile marketing like it’s a religion.

It’s true that you can barely walk into our offices without hearing how agile marketing is changing the world, but we think that’s a good thing – how can we help more of our clients if they don’t understand why our way’s better?

Despite all of our preaching and priding, however, there is one detail about agile marketing that lots of new clients still seem to miss: that it isn’t about doing different Internet marketing techniques, but putting them together in a way that achieves the right results.

In other words, it’s all about things like new sales and bottom-line improvement.

To understand why that is, and how it makes such a difference, there are a few things you have to keep in mind about the agile marketing process:

  • Agile marketing is a philosophy. It’s the belief that individual Internet marketing techniques can work well, but that the overall strategy should change over time to reflect competitive strengths and market fluctuations.
  • With agile marketing you can experiment with new ideas, or just change your focus, from one month or quarter to the next without losing sight of your overall goals.
  • When it’s planned and managed correctly, an agile marketing campaign will grow in step with an organization. As the marketing plan succeeds, the company expands; that, in turn, leads to new ideas within the marketing plan and so on.

To get a more in-depth demonstration about how agile marketing works, or to see some of our case studies, contact CAYK® today for a free Calgary Internet marketing consultation.

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3 Conversations You Never Have to Have With Agile Internet Marketing

Have you had an awkward, uncomfortable, or downright frustrating conversation with your web design and Internet marketing team? In our interviews with new clients, we find that most business owners and executives have. In fact, that’s often what has led them to us in the first place.

We believe that a lot of these interactions stem from the wrong philosophy on how marketing teams and their clients work together. To show you why, here are three things you never have to say to your creative partner when you have an agile marketing plan in place:

1. “I don’t know what it is we’re actually paying for.” It surprisingly common for businesses to pay invoices to creative companies even though they don’t really understand where that money is going. With agile marketing, you’ll meet with your vendor regularly to make sure you have input on the plan you’re investing in.

2. “How is what we are doing in line with our goals?” The distinguishing feature of agile marketing plans is that they change and adapt over time. That means that as your goals shift and evolve, your marketing plan changes right along with them.

3. “It seems like we should be trying more new things.” Along the same lines, agile marketing plans allow you to take advantage of new ideas while continuing to emphasize strategies that have worked in the past. Why not take advantage of new trends while emphasizing your strengths, too?

Agile marketing works extraordinarily well for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it puts creative agencies and their clients together on the same side of the table, working towards the same goals.

Isn’t it time you found out what agile marketing could do for your business? Call CAYK® today for a free Calgary Internet marketing consultation.

By David A. West  Join me on Google+