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7 Internet Marketing Mistakes Calgary Businesses Are Still Making in 2014

Sometimes, working with Calgary business web design can be a little bit frustrating. Even though we try to teach business owners and executives important lessons about Internet marketing, it’s still surprisingly common to see some of the same mistakes being made again and again.

Here are seven of the most prominent and costly:

1. Using old templates for success. What worked before isn’t a sure bet to work now, especially if you’ve been counting on old ideas about search engine optimization and social media. You don’t have to follow fads to succeed in Internet marketing, but you do have to be aware of the major trends.

2. Letting their business websites get stale. When the look or content of your business website no longer seems current, or accurately reflects what your company does, you take away the power of one of your most important promotional tools.

3. Not timing their contact correctly. Your most important customers will forget about you if you only contact them every few months, but they don’t want to hear from you every other day, either. Figuring out the right timing for things like email newsletters is critical.

4. Getting all leads and sales from one or two channels. You should never be dependent on any one source of customers online, even if that source is the almighty Google. Take care to diversify your approach.

5. Failing to build relationships with social media. Social media isn’t just for sharing vacation pictures; you can use it to answer customer questions, develop relationships, and enhance buyer loyalty. But, that’s going to require a little bit of time and intentional effort.

6. Using tactics instead of campaigns. In Internet marketing, “a little bit of everything” is better than doing nothing at all. A focused approach to meeting and grabbing the interest of good customers is a much smarter strategy, however.

7. Not getting the right creative help. When you’re working with the wrong creative team, or not at all, you’re making it much harder than it has to be to make your business website a success.

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Internet Marketing

4 Ways Your Internet Marketing Can Improve Over Time

As the old saying goes, if you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse.

That’s particularly true when it comes to Internet marketing, where new ideas and best practices change on a regular basis. If you want to get the most from your website – and use your Internet marketing plan to actually grow your company instead of just checking items off of lists – then you need to evolve your approach along with the market.

Luckily, undergoing continual evaluation is a good way to improve your Internet marketing at the same time. In particular, there are four important ways you can make your Internet marketing plan more efficient and effective in the long run:

1. It can get bigger. As you start to be successful online, your business generates bigger revenues from your website and social media accounts. Putting some of those back into your Internet marketing can allow you to do more of the same things that are already working, and accelerate the benefits.

2. It can include more elements. The more successful you are with Internet marketing, the more “wiggle room” you have to experiment with new strategies and tactics. Don’t become complacent with small improvements when bigger victories could be just around the corner.

3. It can be more refined. By the same token, successful Internet marketing campaigns don’t just tell you what works, they also show you what doesn’t work. By cutting the dead weight from each campaign, you automatically reduce costs, make your business more efficient, and free up resources you could use more productively.

4. You can know your customers better. The better sense you have of who your buyers are and what they really want, the easier it is to increase your sales over the long run. Get to know your customers, because they hold the real key to marketing breakthroughs.

Worried that your Internet marketing plan isn’t improving from one month to the next? Place a call to the sales team at CAYK® today and let us show you how we can help.

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