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What Makes Social Media Marketing So Great

From our side of the desk, in one of Canada’s fastest-growing online marketing companies, the new advertising opportunities that are popping up on social media sites are very exciting. In many ways, tools like sponsored tweets and pay per click ads on Facebook remind us of the early days of search engines. That is, we can see enormous opportunities coming, and they’re only getting bigger every day.

To our clients, these developments can seem interesting, but difficult to separate from other existing ways to find customers. What, they want to know, makes social media marketing so great (or different) from anything else?

The quick answer is that, as with search engine optimization, social media advertising is a valuable tool potential for a very high return on investment. There are three details that make it particularly exciting, though:

1. It’s newer than other forms of online advertising. Yes, new things are always exciting, but this isn’t a case where we love social media advertising strictly because it’s the hot thing. The “newness” of it also means that there’s less competition right now, which translates into lower pay per click prices and a smaller dent in your Internet advertising budget.

2. Social sites let you target potential customers in a unique way. Even on Google, the undisputed king of online advertising, you typically have to select your potential buyers by the keywords they’re searching, along with a few other criteria like their country or province. With social media advertising, you can go a little farther, selecting (or omitting) recipients by other traits that they have identified about themselves, such as age or occupation.

3. Social advertising messages are easier to pass on. Sponsored tweets can be re-tweeted dozens of thousands of times, and it’s easier for people to share links through Facebook than ever. That means that, if you write a particularly compelling social ad, you could get all kinds of increased exposure from interested buyers. It’s hard to beat that as a potential side benefit, especially given the relatively low costs of social advertising.

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Why More Companies are Getting Help With Social Media… and Why You Should Too

An informal study of the Calgary job market shows that major corporations are posting openings for positions in social media marketing roughly once every two or three days. That’s a lot of new jobs, and it’s a pretty good bet that 2012 will see this trend pick up even more, even in the face of an uncertain economy.

Bigger companies are hiring for social media because they can sense that major changes in online marketing are here, and they aren’t going away. In other words, it just makes good bottom-line sense. While you might not need a full-time social media marketing person or community manager, you may want to consider looking for some outside help managing your profiles and messages.

Here are just a few of the things that a strong social network marketing presence requires, and how a good community manager can help:

Quick feedback and two-way communication with customers. Social media sites are all about conversations, not broadcasted messages. Having a professional look after your updates ensures that you never fall behind and miss out on opportunities.

Focus to stay on message and communicate clearly with buyers. Likewise, it can be easy for business owners and executives – who have busy schedules – to stop posting to their accounts, or fall into the trap of commenting on the weather, dinners they recently had, etc. Because you need your messages to be relevant to buyers, it makes sense to have a community manager keeping you on time and on message.

Monitoring to see what people are saying and to look for conversations and opportunities. There are a lot of potential buyers on social media sites looking for companies like yours. To find them, however, you have to be paying attention to what’s going on. Most of us don’t have the time to keep up on these sorts of things, which is why a community manager can be so valuable, if only to help you spot new chances as they come up.

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4 Things That Should be a Part of Your 2012 Online Marketing Plan

As many of you contemplate your plans for 2012, it’s likely that you’ll consider an expanded (or least revised) online marketing plan for the new year. It just makes simple economic sense: In a tough economy, what better way to grow your business than by employing high return on investment strategies to find new customers? And where can you find new buyers more cost-effectively than the Internet?

Since a lot of you have probably already reached the same conclusions on your own, let us help you take the thought process a little bit further. Here are four things that should be a part of your 2012 online marketing plan:

Search engine optimization. Although this may already be a big part of your business, don’t take your foot off the gas now. Competition for the top spots on Google, Yahoo, and Bing is only increasing, as are the rewards. Accounting for some 3 billion searches a day between them, the major search engines are still your biggest source of online traffic and revenue, if only you’re ready to take advantage of them.

Blogging. Starting and running a company blog seems to have fallen out of favor a little bit in the past two years. Not because it doesn’t work, but because it isn’t as easy as a lot of business owners and executives imagined it would be. Make 2012 the year that your blog becomes a valuable resource, both for your clients and your online profitability.

Social media. Most companies, large or small, have already come around to the fact that they can’t ignore the hundreds of millions of potential customers to be found on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But most aren’t updating their profiles and responding to requests consistently enough, and are also failing to take advantage of new advertising opportunities like sponsored tweets and Facebook PPC ads. Depending on your industry and products, these could be very high-profit avenues, so don’t let them get away in 2012.

Online videos. YouTube is showing billions of videos each and every day, and customers are learning to look there for advice, customer service, buying recommendations, and other important decisions. Make sure that your videos are well produced and featured on sites like YouTube, your company website, and even your social profiles in the coming months.

Of course, keeping on top of any one of these – much less all four of them – could easily keep a full-time employee busy. Why not work with cayk – one of Canada’s fastest-growing online marketing teams – to make sure you’re getting the quality and results you need?

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The 4 Traits of Great Online Marketing Content

At CAYK, helping our clients to generate great online marketing content is one of the most important and impactful things we can do. Great writing is a key ingredient to almost every profitable website, blog, or social media marketing campaign, but what makes it great in the first place?

To help understand the difference between good web copy and great online marketing content, and know why it’s worth the investment in a fantastic creative team, here are the four traits you need to look out for:

Great web content is interesting. Canadian online marketing companies sometimes talk about web content as if it’s something scientific, rather than artistic. That’s usually because they’re thinking about search engines (see the next point), but it takes away from the important issue that your online marketing content really needs to speak to buyers first. In other words, if what you have on your site isn’t interesting, then it’s never going to be effective.

Internet copywriting should be search friendly. Having made the point about interesting content, it is crucial that it’s easily searchable by Google and the other major Internet portals. That means using the right keywords and phrases, as well as making sure they are highlighted in the correct places like page titles and headings.

Every page or article should have a strong call to action. Ultimately, all the pieces of your business website – and your overall online marketing plan – have some bottom-line purpose. By including a strong call to action with each one, you make it easier for people to understand what you want them to do, and more likely that they’ll actually do it.

Your web content should be unique. Because even the best Internet writing isn’t worth that much if it doesn’t reflect your company’s unique strengths, products, and viewpoint. That’s why it has to be completely unique; not only in the sense that it can’t be copied (because it shouldn’t be), but also that it isn’t too generic to be effective for marketing purposes.

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What Does a Realistic SEO Goal Look Like for a Business?

One of the hardest parts about choosing an Internet marketing company in Canada is managing different levels of expectations. Often, it’s hard to distinguish between the reliable businesses that have proven track records of success and those who simply claim they can help you to find more customers.

That’s particularly true when it comes to search engine optimization. For that reason, one of the best ways to identify a reliable Internet marketing team is to know what a realistic search engine optimization plan looks like. So how do you know what kinds of goals your team should be setting for you?

It would be easy if we could answer that question in a straightforward way, but it really depends quite a bit on your industry. In other words, you have to know what kind of competition you’re up against before you can say whether your plan is too ambitious or not.

No matter what field you’re in, or where you do business, your long-term goal should probably always be to capture the first spot on Google (and the other major search engines) for your most important keywords and phrases.

The way you can tell an unrealistic search engine optimization plan, then, isn’t in the target you’re shooting for, but the timeframe and budget your online marketing team gives you to reach that goal.

It’s important to know that, because there are quite a few search engine optimization “experts” operating right here in Canada that will promise you the moon for a small amount of money. Unfortunately, the tactics they use aren’t reliable; even if they’re successful for a few months, they’ll do more damage than good to your site in the long term.

And so, your best bet isn’t to rely solely on price for search engine optimization help in Canada, but also to look at time frames, past results, and even ongoing progress reports. In other words, you want to find a company that’s ambitious, but isn’t trying to sell you something that’s “too good to be true.” While that might not be as much fun as dreaming of ultra-quick SEO results, it is more realistic… and ultimately, more effective.

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Can Your Online Marketing Company See Into the Future?

If you have ever sat down to begin working with a proven, high-quality Internet marketing team, you’ll notice something interesting: We use a lot of schedules, graphs, and forecasts as part of our job. To someone who hasn’t been through the process before, this can seem a little optimistic. After all, aren’t the best-laid business plans often the ones that don’t succeed?

More to the point: Can your online marketing company really see into the future?

Although they certainly can’t anticipate any and every twist that’s likely to come up, a good Internet marketing partner actually can know what’s going to happen with a fairly high degree of certainty. That’s because we have done similar work in the past, for similar clients, and know what it takes to turn a set of activities into a highly profitable exercise.

Here are two easy ways to separate the online marketing companies who can follow through on their promises from the ones who will have trouble delivering:

The great online marketing teams get to know you first. Although there tend to be a lot of similarities from one project to the next, Internet marketing is always about producing specific results for a specific client. You can’t formulate a plan for that until you know their business, industry, and competitive strengths. That’s why a good online marketing partner will want to get to know you before submitting any kind of definite plans or proposals.

They’ll also have case studies or testimonials that show past successes. There isn’t ever any such thing as guaranteed success in any part of life, of course, but working with a team that’s been able to help another business to improve their search engine position, reach new clients via e-mail marketing, or otherwise successfully execute an Internet marketing campaign is a good start. The more case studies and positive testimonials you can see from past clients, the better the odds are that you’ve chosen the right online marketing partner.

Finding a great Internet marketing company in Canada – one that can see the future well enough to get results – doesn’t have to be that difficult. Contact the team at cayk today to set up a free meeting and talk about your online business goals.